Quran and that song.


3 must haves on my side table

if a song can make you cry
and the Quran makes it stay hard like a brick
  I am sorry to say but your heart is sick;
it is amazing how you are blinded by Shaytaan’s trick
where you feel you’re closer to God by listening to music
  I don’t know what to say
but aren’t you ashamed to even feel this way?
you cry because of a song and at the end you’re depressed
cry because of the Quran and watch how the feeling is so Blessed
this is not to force you or you to feel ashamed
” Al Rahmann. Alaamal Quran.
Khalaq al insaan. Alammahu Albayan”
the inner peace you feel from this

let me know if its better than any song…

Al Rahmann – (Allah) Most Gracious
Alaamal Quran.- It is He who taught the Quran
Khalaq al insaan.- He has created man
Alammahu Albayan – He has taught him speech and (intelligence)


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