words of love

you hear them and feel like you’ve been blessed from above
to some it gives an interesting topic to talk of…
to others it may be a waste of time to even think of…
look back at your own life collection
how many times you fell for those words of affection?
we may not admit but i think its time for that confession
if i know you then it may make a connection
remember the perfection,the objection and then rejections?
but lets not hide those mistakes and corrections.
we call ourselves smart but when do we use that brain
we are also stupid enough to let these words play a game
not once not twice but again and again
we say it won’t happen but it’s always the same
it gets better for a while and then comes back to it again
these words know how to make us rise and fall… what a shame
two words of love would make our heart melt.. yeah thats lame
these words break us off and they are the ones to fix it all again
then when we fall one more time why don’t we exclaim?
we don’t learn and see where the other is about to aim
once a mistake second time is being stupid…
are you willing to live with that name?


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