Muree 2013 asr

Sometimes …I look around me and just watch the people passing by. Some walking around while others in their cars. Everyone rushing to get things done without stopping by. Everyone so taken up with whats on their mind. not having time to think of others as if they are blind. Some people question why Muslims pray 5 times a day…isn’t it too much? How do you find the time to do it anyway? Even the muslims sometimes neglecting think its ok if we delay
saying if we are good God will be happy and forgive us on that day

let me explain in a simple way… From the 1440 minutes we live in each daytaking 10 minutes for each prayer … is it toomuch to say? some might think OMG thats too much. but its for your good so its best if you obey. I won’t get anything from what you pray. but trust me it will make you happy on that last day.

those who hear the adhan from the mosque are truly blesed. One of the sentences in the Adhan is “come (rush) to success”. so if you are rushing to success can you be left as depressed?
a bit of remembrance to remove that black part. refereshing our faith and to clean our heart. when you pray its Allah swt that you meet. bring your self back to it please. you will be successfull that I can guarantee

peace be on you

Have a blessed Jummah


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