the fourth one.

the wealth, the status,the beauty
i’ll say the truth that i have none
the only valuable thing i have is my religion
a woman may be married for four things
only one of them is that will bring the blessings
if you knew my sins you would never sit with me
neither would you see any beauty
i would get old and will lose that spark that was once seen
they will all pass away the ones i got the status from that i love dearly
the money comes and goes all with Allah’s mercy
at the end religion is the only thing that will stay with me
which will even give me the rest of the three
the wealth, the status and even the beauty
so why shouldn’t i pick the one thats the most beneficial to be
the rest will come along for free
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) even said pick the woman
with the  fourth thing leaving the other three
she will be the best, but its your choice you can pick any
so when the guidance is given, why should i bother with the test
i’ll pick the fourth quality for my self being…
the rest Allah knows best



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