gone away

the day i die the day i die
the first man i loved i imagine him to sit there and cry
him missing his daughter with a sigh
the woman who gave me birth complaining to God that why
those brothers of mine maybe will wonder why i left without a bye
those friends of mine or the ones i love
maybe you will look at the sky and think i’m watching you from above
maybe you will remember me of all the things i used to say
or maybe few of you will think i will call them like always and say hey
i wonder after i leave if for a while the world will look gray
maybe you will remember my jokes and laugh
but i hope with that you will ask for forgiveness on my behalf
or maybe everything will stay the same
you will go on with your lives without a change
maybe after a while it would be hard for you to even remember my face
and it won’t take you time to erase
and i will become really easy to replace


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