story of a life;


one of the favourite birds living in my backyard

ever had one of those moments to analyze your past. what you have given and what you got?i know its being a little selfish. But there has to be a time where you thought of it allwhat you gave others and what you got was so small? you feel like you get nothing but its just not you to ask. Wish you could know those people already so you won’t have to wait for them to take off their mask. you keep giving and giving more then you can. Not once remembering where it all began. its like there is a hole in the bottom of that bag. you keep filling it up not realizing you wont be getting any back. we are not only talking about some material thing. its all the care you gave and what about that loving…others tell you that what you do is wrong. even though they also stand beside you and take it too all along. you don’t listen to any and still give non-stop. then all of a sudden the ones you give want to leave. it’s like they ate and are full and want to relive. because they gave you nothing so they got nothing to grieve. its then you realize what really you achieved

story of your life because you like to give. you want to keep them happy and live. the more you gave the sooner they left. not a big difference in this and being theft? then you are there thinking what you ever got… so you sit there and try complaining to God. now that is one thing you realize you’re doing wrong. you look at how much God gave you compared to them. God blessings are countless, while others gave you none. then you decide not to leave God’s path ever again. you ask for forgiveness and thank Him all the time. then once again those people come into your life. with some more excuses and some other lies. you start to give again without  limits. not remembering what happend cause those are past things

but this time its different cause you know your mistakes
you still give the same old love cause you’ve been awake
Although this time its none other than but for Allah’s sake

true story;


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