ever wonder who brings the clouds together and then separate
just like when people walk into your life and then fade away
there are so many signs given if  a little attention you pay
you felt like you’re close to something but still far away
look what you’re made of … i know its clay
how many times you remember that you will go back into it one day?
sometimes you run for the bus… and it drives away
or maybe you like someone ..and waiting for them to say hey
you’re one of those people who complain about the rain
but when the sun comes out you dont like the rays…
you wait for the weekend but its not any different from a weekday
are you one of those who believe in God?
if yes then how many times do you pray?
there are so many things you want but tomorrow might be too late
there is someone looking at you all the time
…do you remember that and obey?
you’re waiting for something if God wills it will come back someday
who is that you think of when at night in your bed you lay?
or maybe that one time someone wanted to leave
and you wished they could stay
was there a time when you wanted an answer more than just an OK…
you got somany words planned in your mind that it could become an essay
you wait for the right time  cause you know exactly what to say
but when will that day come? cause tomorrow might be too late
time will just pass away and it will be left unsay..


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