things fall apart*

there might be days when things will go wrong
when nothing will stay in place, you would feel you’re not strong
one by one things will come your way all day long
testing your patience and to see if you are able to hold it on
making you feel like that you don’t belong
but hey thats when you gattah remember your song
that if noone else atleast you got God to hold on
that; right there is the strongest bond
look around you… there is somuch to build upon
so whats the problem if that one little thing goes wrong?
i mean i know its not the best…but is it the worst you have undergone?
so smile away and look at everything thats still in its place
Thank God for all that He has blessed you with
because in your heart you know He is the one and only grace.

2 thoughts on “things fall apart*

  1. “If none else at least you got God to hold on”
    This is such a masterpiece girl. I really adore your thoughts and writings.
    Keep sharing such a worthy stuff! 🙂

    Can i share it? don’t worry with your name 😉


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