its when you’re not there it smiles
wondering if you could’ve stayed for a while
it misses you but won’t say cause it would all seem wrong
there is still some time to pass by and it gotta stay strong
because if you’re getting all, then atleast get it right
cause whats the point of winning, when you cheated and couldn’t even fight
it learned to be patient, it learned to believe
like whats the point of having something when it doesnt taste sweet?
now it got strength, it knows what is right
cause deep down it knows you’ll always be by its side;;


7 thoughts on “it.

  1. there my name? happy? cause i like remaining super low key, kinda wierd but yeah….lol im just shy…still…and i thought the anonymous thing would work but i guess not….lol…:P


    • Lol I kinda figured cuz u the only one i remembered with those initials and ur email shows when I get the msg to approve comment haha… And then u gave it away by liking my link:p but thankssss 🙂 and you shy? Haha


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