you and yourself…

Think about when you make up the lies
to make up a story, when you cant even look into others eyes
do you ever wonder why you do that so ?
i mean is it going to help you? cuz its not really making you glow
why do you wanna lie to the people who care?
you know they love you… so what is it that you don’t wanna share?
some people don’t change no matter what comes in the way
you would feel they are different just because they kneel down and pray
some people just care about what goes in others lives and their days
i mean it’s none of your business why do you care anyways?
worry about yourself and what you became
are you different from before or are you still the same?


its when you’re not there it smiles
wondering if you could’ve stayed for a while
it misses you but won’t say cause it would all seem wrong
there is still some time to pass by and it gotta stay strong
because if you’re getting all, then atleast get it right
cause whats the point of winning, when you cheated and couldn’t even fight
it learned to be patient, it learned to believe
like whats the point of having something when it doesnt taste sweet?
now it got strength, it knows what is right
cause deep down it knows you’ll always be by its side;;


if you see the same moon as i see tonight;
then how far are you from me anyways…


they try to make me weak but i trust Allah more…
if God wills i can’t wait for the day you see the power
He the Almighty holds…
I really can’t wait for the day when I will show
all that He has done for me if you only get to know…