Why am I a muslim?

IMG_2300Recently during a discussion in class among other fellow students, I was asked a very simple question…a one sentence question. But I have to say the question had quite a big impact on me.

“Why are you a Muslim?”

If the question was asked by a non Muslim I would have many ways to answer it, as to inform them about my religion. But coming from a Muslim fellow, I was left in awe and had not known how to really answer that one.

After that question was asked, I questioned myself again and again through out the day. After talking to a friend I figured that I really need to find the right answer to this question, for myself and for the future because It might be asked again, and as for the time to come I would want to answer it in the best way I can.

Why am I a Muslim?

An easy answer coming to mind would be, because I am born in a Muslim family therefore I am a Muslim.

If I was to give that answer to a non Muslim, I wouldn’t really blame the non Muslims for not being swayed and convinced; even I myself am not satisfied with my own answer.

Why am I a Muslim?

I believe in Allah, I am thankful to Allah for giving me this gift of Islam, a gift that’s not given to all the living beings. If God wills I never want to take this gift for granted ever again which I am embarrassed to say that I might’ve in the past. I walked on His ground, ate the food He provided me with. And yet, I have sinned.

Currently I am thankful to say that I am a 100 percent Muslim and that will never change Insha’Allah (if God wills). The relationship between me, God and Islam is worth more than any worldly things or matters. I’ve heard people believing in other religions say that in their religion you know God personally. Well for a Muslim in Islam your relationship with God is much closer and deeper than that. Alhamdulillah Allah (God) is with me every second loving and protecting me. Islam has done more for me than anyone else, and every day thank God it just seems to get better.

In today’s world just because we are born as Muslims, we tend not to learn much about it. Just because we come for a Muslim family, we do not appreciate it as much as the newly reverted Muslims. I myself am afraid to say that I was one of those who would only turn to God in need of something, and after receiving it, I would return back to my old self, then the next time went back again.

But now to me being a Muslim is like receiving a key to an extremely beautiful castle, but it is up to you to leave it somewhere collecting dust or strive hard to enter the castle.

At last something to ponder over would be, that since the Prophet Muhammad PBUH couldn’t read or write, then Muhammad must be a messenger who conveyed the truth which was revealed to him as clarification by the one single Creator. This Creator must be Allah.

Therefore, I think this is the time to say ‘La ilaha illallah’, that there is no God to worship except Allah, ‘Muhammad rasul Allah’, Muhammad is messenger of Allah.

Because there is an answer to every call; those who call on God, to them God comes…


My message  to you:

discover God instead of believing in God!

peace be on you 🙂


3 thoughts on “Why am I a muslim?

  1. Very nice blog post 🙂
    I could answer the question in a different way with a spiritual look into the Islam and human beings, but you can find that fairly easily through research 🙂
    Would you agree that in order to even begin to discover God, you have to believe in God? I guess that is a very blunt question, but my point is that don’t discovering and believing go hand in hand? If you believe in God, but you haven’t discovered as such and when you discover you definitely believe in God…
    Enjoyed reading 🙂


    • thankyou 🙂 … we all know lots of people who are what you call “muslim by names” they hardly know anything about Islam and they don’t really have an interest in knowing so either.. all they know is that they as muslims. they believe in God but they don’t know anything about Him; In order to believe in Him you have to believe in His Oneness from the heart and that’s where the discovering comes. The more you believe the more you want to discover! :)and believing after discovering is a whole different topic … which is the exact reason to why there are so many people from other religions coming towards Islam Masha’Allah


  2. Well done girl! I am so proud of you hun 😀 It is a question that gets asked quite often and we should all know the answer as we are living in a non-muslim country and from what I’ve seen people here(sp young muslims) are quite confused and thats only because they don’t even bother reading about Islam, doing research or try learning things other than what they’ve been told by their parents. “discover God instead of believing in God!” you are right Nida thats what we need to do.


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